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Refuse Collection


West Berkshire Council aims, with your help, to recycle as much household waste as possible.
Apart from your black wheelie bin, used for general (non-recyclable) rubbish you should have two green boxes, one for paper, the other for glass; and a green sack for cans and plastic bottles. You should also have a green wheelie bin for recycleable garden waste; and, after 31st October a kitchen caddy and a supply of bio-degradeable bags for food waste.
The normal collection day is TUESDAY, but this may be modified on or around bank holidays.

From the week commencing 31st October 2011 food waste will be accepted for recycling if placed in a bio-degradable bag in the green wheelie bin.
Also from 31st October 2011 normal (non-recyclable) refuse will be collected every two weeks. One week will be all recyclable waste (including the green wheelie bin); the next week will be non-recyclable waste (black wheelie bin).

The next Recycling collection (Green Bin, Baskets and Sack) is on Tuesday 19 February

The next General Waste collection (Black Bin) is a week on Tuesday 26 February

The tables below show which container should be used for which type of rubbish, together with what can and can't at present be recycled.

Paper and Cardboard


One Green Box is for Paper and Cardboard. 

We will acceptNewspapers and Magazines  
We will acceptCatalogues/Directories We cannot  takeWallpaper
We will acceptYellow Pages We cannot takeTetra Packs, Juice Cartons
We will acceptEnvelopes (including windows) We cannot takeTissues
We will acceptJunk Mail We cannot takePadded Envelopes
We will acceptWriting/Computer Paper We cannot takeWrapping Paper
We will acceptCereal/Food Boxes We cannot takeShredded Paper
We will acceptToilet an Kitchen Roll Centres  
We will acceptGreetings Cards  
We will acceptCardboard Egg Boxes  
We will acceptLarge Cardboard Boxes
(Please flatten and cut down to 85x45cm approx and place under one of the boxes or between a recycling box and the green bin)


Plastic Bottles and Cans


The Green Sack is for plastic bottles and cans. Please remove bottle tops; rinse and squash.

We will acceptShampoo Bottles We cannot takePolystyrene (Trays, Egg Boxes or Packaging)
We will acceptDetergent Bottles We cannot takeMargarine Tubs
We will acceptDrinks Bottles We cannot takeIce Cream Containers
We will acceptPlastic Milk Bottles We cannot takeYoghurt Pots
We will acceptSteel and Aluminium Cans We cannot takeOther Plastic Packaging
We will acceptSweet or Biscuit Tins We cannot takeCarrier Bags
  We cannot takeCling Film and Foil
  We cannot takeAerosol Cans
  We cannot takeFoil Lined Plastic (Crisp packets, Food Pouches)




The second Green Box is for Glass bottles and jars. Please wash them before placing them in the box.

We will acceptGlass Bottles We cannot takeBroken Glass
  We cannot takePyrex and Drinking Glasses
We will acceptGlass Jars We cannot takeWindow Glass
  We cannot takeLight Bulbs


Green Waste


The Green Wheelie Bin is for Green Garden Waste.

We will acceptGrass Cuttings We cannot takeWood or Branches over 100mm (4 inches) in diameter
We will acceptHedge Trimmings We cannot takeSoil, Rubble or Concrete
We will acceptSmall Branches under 100mm (4 inches) in diameter We cannot takeVegetable Peelings (but see below)
We will acceptLeaves We cannot takeFood Scraps (but see below)
We will acceptPrunings We cannot takeCoal Ash
We will accept Cut Flowers We cannot takeAnimal Waste
We will acceptTwigs We cannot takeFlower Pots, Trays, Plastic Bags
  We cannot takeCommercial Waste
  We cannot takeGeneral Household Waste
  We cannot takeShredded Paper and Cardboard


Kitchen Waste


The Kitchen Caddy and bio-degradable bags are for food waste. Place the bags in the Green Wheelie-bin for recycling, or the black wheelie-bin (not recycled).

We will acceptUn-eaten food from plates We cannot takePackaging of any sort
We will acceptTea and Coffee Grounds We cannot takePlastic Bags
We will acceptCheese and Eggs We cannot takeCardboard and paper
We will acceptBread and Pastries We cannot takeBones from Red Meat
We will acceptMeat and Fish We cannot takeOil, Liquids and Fats
We will acceptFruit and Vegetables  



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